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In his early years as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and collector of remote music Wolter experimented with different styles in his home studio: from punk to blues and American primitive guitar, musique concrete and noise to post punk and free jazz. During his musicological studies at the TU Berlin, he dealt intensively with Indian raga music and was enchanted. In order to learn all the complex intricacies of that music in a traditional way, he began learning sitar and surbahar music under sitar master Subroto Roy Chowdhury and lived for more than five years together with his teacher in his home in Calcutta. After the death of his teacher in 2017, he continued his studies under the guidance of the famous sarod master Irfan Khan –the current head of the ancient Lucknow-Shahjahanpur-Gharana of instrumental music. Wolters' main interests are the great raga music masters of the 19th and early to mid-20th centuries and traditional formats of instrumental raga interpretation. In the extensive and historically informed repertoire of the Lucknow Shahjahanpur Gharana he finds relevant material to constantly expand his knowledge and skills. Wolter has made guest appearances internationally on numerous well-known stages. So far he has produced four albums of classical raga music and four critically acclaimed albums with his jazz outlet the Pulsar Trio. In addition, Wolter worked in numerous musical projects as a guest musician and composed film music. Most recently he was a co-founder of the Berlin Raga Tribe(BRT), an initiative to promote authentic performances of traditional raga music in and around Berlin. His latest archive project "Lucknow-Shahjahanpur-Gharana-Archive" restores historical sound recordings of old masters of Indian raga music and makes them accessible to a new audience.

Dover Lane Musikkonferenz Kolkata Nehru Centre London Indische Botschaft Berlin Nikolaisaal Potsdam
Staatstheater Cottbus Sitar Festival St. Petersburg Russland Pakistanische Botschaft Berlin
Glastonbury Festival Großbritannien Leverkusener Jazztage Deutschland Fusion Festival Deutschland
International Jazz Festival Izmir Türkei ICCR Hall Kolkata Sur Sadhana Festival Vilnius Litauen
Rudolstadt Festival / TFF Deutschland Shared Values Festival London Großbritannien Delhi International Jazz Festival Indien
Bengal Heritage Festival Kolkata Indien Deutschlandfunk Kultur - Radio Konzert www



galerie PC: Benjamin Maltry
galerie Irfan Khan Ensemble:
Ustad Irfan Khan (Sarod)
Matyas Wolter (Sitar)
Markus Schlaffke (Rubab)
galerie Mit Ustad Irfan Khan - sarod
PC: Byoungje Kim
galerie Mit Ustad Irfan Khan - sarod
PC: Byoungje Kim
galerie Mit Sanjib Pal - Tabla
galerie Konzert in Kalkutta zum "Ustad Umar Khan Sangit Sabha 2020"
PC: Raghu Mangat
galerie Konzert in Kalkutta zum "Ustad Umar Khan Sangit Sabha 2020"
Mit Sanjib Pal - Tabla und Sreeja Mangat - Tanpura
PC: Raghu Mangat
galerie Photo: MK
galerie mit Pt. Subroto Roy Chowdhury und Tablaspieler Sanjib Pal
galerie Memorial Concert für Subroto Roychowdhury mit:
Sanjib Pal (tabla), Tua Das (tanpura), Indro Roychowdhury (Sitar) und Jonathan Mayer (Sitar)
galerie Riyaz in Kalkutta mit Indro Roychowdhury, Jonathan Mayer und Michael Green
galerie Bei der 66. Dover Lane Music Conference in Kalkutta 2018 mit:
Sanjib Pal - Tabla; Indro Roychowdhury - Sitar und Jonathan Mayer - Sitar
galerie Telegraph Report zu unserem Auftritt bei der 66. Dover-Lane-Music-Conference 2018
galerie Mit Surbahar
Photo: Ricardo Diaz Granados Zabaroin
galerie Mit Surbahar
galerie Tierpark der Töne SCHALL. Musikmagazin, Mai 2018 von André Stiebitz
galerie Invitation DoverLaneMusicConference Invitation Card DoverLaneMusicConference 2018
galerie MathrooBhumi Kerala Trivandrum MathrooBhumi Kerala Trivandrum, February 2018
galerie Telegraph Kolkata Telegraph Kolkata, January 2018
galerie Telegraph Kolkata Telegraph Kolkata, January 2018
galerie Tryst with Hindustani music Tryst with Hindustani music - KERALA - The Hindu_files
galerie The Telegraph Kolkata The Telegraph Kolkata, 4. September 2017
galerie In the name of their musical master The Telegraph Kolkata, 2. September 2017
galerie Kerala newspaper Kerala newspaper, February 2017
galerie Concert Review, Nabadwip/WestBengal/India Ananda Bazar Patrika; February 2017
galerie CD Review „Folker“ Folker Magazin, 2016
galerie Ein indischer Meister aus Brandenburg Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung (MAZ), 05.10.2016 von Charlotte Klimas
galerie CD Review „Jazzthing“ Jazzthing Magazin, 2016/2017
galerie Concert Review Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung (MAZ), 11.10.2016
galerie Indisches Musikfest Prinzenpalais Wolfenbüttel BZ, 12.05.2015 von Ulrich Thiele
galerie Voller virtuoser Farbigkeit Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten (PNN), 29.08.2013 von Dirk Becker
galerie Die tiefe Schönheit der Ragas Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten (PNN), 05.10.2013 von Dirk Becker
galerie Gefühlsinhalt auf einer Saite PNN, 28. Mai 2008


classical Raga-music concerts

List of classical Raga-music concerts. For information on Pulsar Trio concerts please follow this link:

28.01.2024 18:00 UHR


28.01.2024 18:00 - RESONANZRAUM HAMBURG

27.01.2024 19:30 UHR


27.01.2024 19:30 - THEATER IM DELPHI

27.01.2024 10:00 UHR


mit Michel Guay - sitar & khyal vocal; Matyas Wolter -surbahar & Raimund Engelhardt - tabla & pakhawaj

BRT-Headquarters: Kiefholzstr. 21; 12435 Berlin


26.01.2024 19:30 UHR


26.01.2024 19:30 - THEATER IM DELPHI

28.10.2023 19:00 UHR


Indian Instrumental Music Concertwith Matyas Wolter (sitar), Diptesh Bhattacharya (sarod), Sanjib Pal (tabla) & Karlson Wagner (sarangi)

Johanneskirche Erfurt-Hochheim


27.10.2023 19:00 UHR


Sitar-Sarod double concert with Matyas Wolter, Diptesh Bhattacharya & Sanjib Pal

BRT-Headquarters: Kiefholzstr. 21; 12435 Berlin


26.10.2023 19:30 UHR


Indian Night: Bharatnatyam dance and Raga music on sitar & tabla witk Giulia Marchetti, Matyas Wolter & Yatziv Caspi

Ballhaus Wedding


14.05.2023 UHR

Hasselwerderstraße 22A, 12439 Berlin

MATYAS WOLTER - SITAR / SURBAHAR & BEATE GATSCHA - PAKHAWAJ „RAGAS OF SPRING“ Stimmungsvolle Frühlings-Ragas der klassischen Musik aus Nordindien Eintritt: Spende Infos/Reservierung: 0173 844 6772 (Beate)

Alte Kita Berlin

12.05.2023 19:00 UHR

Schlossplatz, 10178 Berlin

Mandoline & global friends: Sitar & Mandoline Das dritte von sechs Kammerkonzerten des LMR in der Reihe "Mandoline & global friends", in denen die Mandoline ein jeweils anderes außereuropäisches Zupfinstrument trifft. Heute Europa und Indien: Annika Hinsche, Mandoline, konzertiert mit Matyas Wolter, Sitar und Yatziv Caspi, Tabla.  Moderation: Prof. Dr. Lars-Christian Koch, Direktor des Ethnologischen Museums und des Museums für Asiatische Kunst der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin. In Kooperation mit dem Ethnologischen Museum.

Klangwerkstatt, Humboldt Forum

01.04.2023 20:00 UHR

Paul-Robeson-Str. 48, 10439 Berlin

MATYAS WOLTER - SITAR / SURBAHAR & BEATE GATSCHA - PAKHAWAJ „RAGAS OF SPRING“ Stimmungsvolle Frühlings-Ragas der klassischen Musik aus Nordindien Eintritt: Spende Infos/Reservierung: 0173 844 6772 (Beate)

Salon Dreiklang


25.11.2022 20:00 UHR


Sitar Konzert with Yatziv Caspi: tabla SeppMaiers



05.11.2022 20:00 UHR

Bad Schandau

Sitar Concert


04.11.2022 19:30 UHR


Sitar Concert


for Sitar and Surbahar


I am available for personal lessons in classical sitar and surbahar playing in Jena (Germany) and Berlin. Furthermore I am offering one-on-one online classes via Skype. Please contact me for further information. Sitar beginners will be guided step-by-step, with personalised sets of excercises according to their need. Intermediate and advanced student can draw from a huge collection of traditional instrumental gats and gat todas as taught by my Gurus Ustad Irfan Khan and Pandit Subroto Roy Chowdhury. In Surbahar I am teaching alap-jor-jhala in the old two-mizrab-three-finger-beenkar-right-hand-technique and instrumental dhrupad compositions in dhamar, chowtal, sooltal and jhaptal-sadra.



Concert recordings

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